Friendship and Verse: The Poetry of Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop

This podcast is dedicated to the life and work of the poets Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop.  They are often regarded in the same breath and the stories of their personal connection are tied in many ways to their literary renown.  Moore helped to launch Bishop’s career and in 1934 the pair began their friendship on the steps of the New York Public Library.  Other great poets, such as, Wordsworth and Coleridge, and Pound and Eliot, have also mixed friendship with verse.

  • An introduction to Marianne Moore

Marianne Moore


  • An introduction to Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop


  • Enjoy a reading of two poems by Moore and Bishop both entitled, “The Fish.”

The Fish

  • An interlude for baseball

Baseball and Writing


[A famous photo of Marianne Moore throwing the first pitch of the year at Yankee Stadium in 1968.]

  • First and Second Wave feminism

First and Second Wave feminism

  • An analysis of “The Fish”